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Published documents


Documents on the shareware in Europe
Le Shareware Européen (document PDF)

Dossier de référence sur l'histoire, le principe, les principaux succès et les organisations représentatives du shareware européen.
Auteurs : S. Perchaud & B. Leprêtre - © 2002

Documents on software patents
Fiche sur les brevets logiciels (document PDF)

Fiche réalisée à l'attention du législateur. 2 pages résumant point par point le débat sur les brevets logiciels.
Auteur : S. Perchaud - © 2002

Are Software Patents prejudicial to Copyright ? (PDF document )

Speech for the 26/11/02 European Parliament conference on software patents. This short speech intends to summarize the differences between these two intellectual properties and to explain the advantages and drawbacks of these two systems for the developer and the entrepreneur.
Author : S. Perchaud - © 2002

Le brevet logiciel nuit-il au droit d'auteur ? (document PDF)

Article sur les différences entre le droit d'auteur et les brevets logiciels écrit pour le magazine Programmez.
Auteur : S. Perchaud - © 2002

Which tools to fight software piracy ? (document PDF / PDF document )

Appeared with the democratisation of the commercial softwares during the eighties, software piracy was revealed as a true curse for software publishers, even sometimes the cause of the bankrupcy of the smallests of them. This article aims at explaining how shareware authors, being the most sensibles to this kind of steal, managed to create tools to protect their creations.
Article published in english version in the Journal of Information Law & Technology.
Author : S. Perchaud - © 2002

Software patents and innovation(PDF document )

The goal of this paper is to introduce the reader to the particular economics of the software sector and to compare the costs and benefits of a market with software patents against the actual situation.
Article published in the Journal of Information Law & Technology.
Author : S. Perchaud - © 2002